Director Product Development

Goelst USA, Winston-Salem, NC, USA (2000 - 2004)

Goelst is a high-end laminate furniture system alternative to millwork. The case goods & cabinetry product line consists of over 35,000 items. Main customers are Healthcare, Higher Education and the Government.

As Director of Product Development Wout introduced new techniques (powder coating MDF & membrane pressing) and new designs for face panels to the product line. The new designs - varying from classical raised panel to contemporary patterns – enable segmentation in product offer. The same techniques are applied to table tops. Support frames are introduced and new desks & tables are added to the Goelst collection. A remarkable special concerns the design and engineering of the new mail-sorting desk for the IRS across the country. The IRS mail-sorting desk (‘Tingle Table’) added significantly to the overall sales and growth of the company at the beginning of the millenium.






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