About Wout

What drives Wout?

The wealthy history of furniture is a source of inspiration for Wout. He is conscious of the classics and inspired by them. Constantly associating and combining existing forms. There is a new design in everything. Not ostentatious but clear cut. Less is more! Things can always be better and smarter. He creates objects with imagination with a strong grasp on its core material. To the last detail, because it has to be as near to perfect as possible. The leitmotiv in his work is the way people handle their  furniture. There is always the connection to the user. Imaginative and pragmatic. With a nod because there is a striking detail in every design.


What is it Wout creates?

The mailsorting desk for the American tax service IRS, product development for Pastoe, his first chair design added to the Artifort/Lande collection for which he later made Toro, and pieces of furniture in own management.

Wout designs furniture. His creations are not only produced in series but executed as unique custom made pieces as well. Each new product is created in his studio. Curious for other products from this studio? Check the different sections on this website. Some products are directly available in the webshop!

  • For Industry: products in series
  • Custom Made: unique products for individual clients
  • Playground: original personal products
  • Webshop: for sale!


Who is Wout?

Wout Speyers (1968 Nijmegen, the Netherlands) studied Architecture and Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands. Both specialties were needed in his graduation project of 1996; he designed the museum for historic posters at the Spuiplein subway station in the Hague, which is still in use (images IPG). At Neonis Industrial Design he discovered his love for furniture while working on the Personal Furniture System, PFS. In the USA he further specialized in casegoods and cabinetry as Director of Product Development for Goelst USA Inc. in Winston-Salem, NC. The mailsorting desk he developed for the IRS is still being used by thousands of federal employees in the USA (images Goelst work).

Once back in the Netherlands Wout started to work for the product development department of Pastoe, a famous hundred year old company. Pastoe specializes in cabinetry. He worked on realisation of the Maarten van Severen chairs and redesigned the low-board Frame.

Since 2008 Wout has succesfully designed tables, chairs and sofas in his studio. The first chair he created became part of the Artifort/Lande product line and the so called UN tables finished as runner up in the Montis/Elle Decoration Design Talent Award in 2010. With the Twister coatrack he reached the finals of the W.H. Gispen competition for Dutch Originals in 2014. In Chicago, USA, Wout received two times the 2015 Gold Award - Best of Neocon  for Cheval. The design for HBF was rewarded in the category 'benches' as well as in the category 'occasional tables'. On top of that Cheval got the Buildings Product Innovations Merit Award, The Architectural Products Magazine Product's Innovation Award and The Architect's Newspaper's Best of Product Award. (images Cheval).

Curious about other products from his studio,

Mail or call, let's have coffee.

(Photo: Marco Peters Fotografie)



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