From Paris with Love

Sculpture, polishes stainless steel (2022)

After years of preparation in a dark workshop, the statues are on display for the first time. The Coelhorst Art Event hosted at a leavy- wooded 400 year old estate and a beautiful rural setting, serves as their backdrop and a perfect fit.

Visibly moved with tears in her eyes, a lady stands in front of this statue. She is by herself and I approach her with care.  “Do you like it?” I ask. “Yes," she says, “it reminds me of my time as a dancer in Paris." 

“When was that?” I ask kindly.  She looks at me benevolently and whispers silently:” sixty years ago…And….” she continues, “there is so much feeling in this statue, in all the statues.” she pauzes for a moment and says  “only a dancer would know.”  Now I am the one that is moved, and in silence I accept this grand compliment.

Especially for the unknown lady of certain age, I changed the title of this statue to “From Paris with love”.


(Photo's with Eleberth Pot. Amersfoort, The Netherlands

'Paris Portret' by

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