Little Wing (XL)

Sculpture Polished Stainless Steel (2022)

she’s walking through the clouds

with a circus mind

that’s running wild

A sacred edge to Jimi Hendrix’s muse. Inspiration descends from a place that can only be reached with wings, with a feminine self-awareness alien to her divine lineage. Rock & Roll & Religion. As much groupie as angel.



Monotheistic religions and in their wake totalitarian regimes have often oppressed women, covered their heads as well as their legs. The patriarchy made them almost invisible. We only know angels in an ankle-length baggy robe.

In the 1950s pious women still wore long skirts and only a few great-grandchildren still do so today. The miniskirt that emerged in the 1960s opposed this and was seen as a woman’s liberation and an expression of her self-awareness.

Until now, this emancipation was not reserved for angels. Until Little Wing offered her this freedom.



(Photo's with Eleberth Pot, Amersfoort, the Netherlands)



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