Shoe with small ecological footprint

Makerszoon, the Netherlands (2019)

The concept of this cool, quirky shoe comes from René van den Berg, a fourth generation shoemaker. His ‘Makerszoon’ label combines great walking comfort with minimal environmental impact. Only a limited number of materials is used in the construction of the shoe and all leather is vegetable tanned in European tanneries. These precious materials are efficiently used, no stock is kept and all shoes are tailor-made on demand. To further reduce the environmental impact, Makerszoon shoes are produced locally; handmade in the workshop of the craftsman. The customer participates in the process.

The Makerszoon concept allows for different interpretations. The semi high model, the pointy nose, solid Ash wood heel and wildly curved stitching grant an adventurous appearance to the shoe presented here.

(click here for more information about Makerszoon shoes)


I always valued good shoes. With this pair of shoes from Wout I bought my most 'personal' ones ever. Personal because they have been shaped on my own last, because I was involved in their creation, because they have the look and the associated environmental philosophy appeals to me.

Wichard Bieze, Amersfoort, the Netherlands (2019)

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