Musica E'

Included in the Virtual Shoe Museum collection and the 'page a day' shoe calandar 2023 


La Conduttrice

SPEYERS, the Netherlands (2021)

Musica E’  is made for a female conductor, matching perfectly the white tuxedo she wears in front of the orchestra. The expressive heels refer to the G-key at the beginning of the staff.  These pumps came into being in collaboration with René van den Berg.


Bespoke pumps in mother of pearl leather

Heels; carbon fiber & stainless steel pen in epoxy, polyplaster, shiny silver plastic dip


Wout Speyers is a real craftsman; expertly measured, be kept informed throughout the entire process and an sharp eye for detail enabled us to complete these truly amazing pumps together. I am so proud to be wearing ‘SPEYERS’ during my concerts.

Sandra van Luijtelaar – conductor, Amersfoort, 2021





(Photo with Eleberth Pot & Peter Dorr) 



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