Started out just nails and leather

built to last and made for weather

I can't think of nothing better

than what I'm wearing on my feet

kickin' open swinging doors

climbing up on bar stools

crushed some cans and soak some wine

but that's what makes 'em shine

these boots made for rockin'

and steppin' over the line


(Boots - Joey + Rory)


High boots with laces in three colours (Vitelco) calf leather; lipstick, drop, snow. A smooth booth without a seam on the back. This is made possible by the 3D wet shaped (white) calf inset.


Having seen Wout’s furniture and shoe designs I was thrilled when he asked if I wanted a pair of custom designed and hand made shoes. Making and designing a pair of high boots with laces was a part of his training, and because I was curious of the process I am now a proud owner of a beautiful pair of hand made boots.

Having custom made boots are one hundred percent worth the investment and solved my decade long problem of never being able to find boots that look nice, are comfortable, and are of high quality. Wout works with such precision and is highly motivated. His communication and willingness to collaborate with his customers is refreshing and was a pleasure to have experienced. All in all, having a pair of Wout Speyers shoes are absolutely worth it and I’m very happy to have them!

Nancy, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, 2021



(Photo's with Eleberth Pot, Amersfoort, the Netherlands)

(Art work by Artist Ahn Seong Hwan (안 성 환), South Korea)


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