One shoe (fits all)

Winner professional jury & audience award Craft the Leather 2022

Global Footwear Awards 2023;

  • Winner MEN'S FASHION
  • Overall Winner SUSTAINABILITY

Included in the Virtual Shoe Museum collection

Speyers, The Netherlands (2022)

Innovative and refreshing. This is a new style shoe. A shoe for the Oxford style wearer and for the man in slippers. Efficient, multifunctional and an hidden incentive to sometimes take a step back to enjoy a tranquility. Anyone who takes retreat more seriously is recognizable by the clearly more discolored slipper in the shoe.

Una scarpa adatta a tutti

Innovativa ed originale. Questa è una nuova scarpa di stile. Una scarpa per chi indossa lo stile Oxford e per l'uomo in pantofole. Efficiente, multifunzionale e un incentivo nascosto a fare a volte un passo indietro per godere della tranquillità. Chiunque prenda la contemplazione più seriamente è riconoscibile dalla pantofola chiaramente più scolorita nella scarpa.


It is one; shoe + slipper. The slipper can be used separately. Only vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany is used.

'One Shoe’ was made at the René van den Berg Academy for the 9th edition of the ‘Craft the Leather’ event  organized by the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciate Al Vegetale and after the presentation at Lineapelle ’23 in Milano, received both the audience award and the professional jury award. Some comments from the jury;

‘Poetry meets Craftsmanship’

‘Bold and confident designs. Strong and striking.’

‘The bag’s shape and the morphing of a slipper into an oxford are very high level in concept and in making.’

‘The Technique, the beauty of the shapes and elegance of structure are incredible.’   


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