Finalist W.H. Gispen Award by Duch Originals (2014)


Can't see the woods for the trees.

A free standing coat rack resembles a tree. A tree that consists of a trunk and a crown. That seems logical, a tree crown ensures the greatest amount of leaflet. All the coats on a coat rack, however, hang on the same height (a.) and on the same distance to the trunk (b.). 

Turning the crown upside down would make a much more efficient coat rack. That thought evolved into a 3D spiral shape and a unique image came into being.  A coat rack that is new, from above it looks like a whirlpool. From the front it distinguishes itself by a spiral shape and by the lacking of a bare trunk with a packed crown.

Swing is not only an unique silhouette in the ‘woods of coat racks’, the new shape allows a complete own way of use. Clothing can be draped over it, rapidly, readily and informal. 


Photo's model with Eleberth Pot

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