Floating sofa (2011)

Varied seating on 5 meter floating sofa (2011), Amersfoort, The Netherlands


'We have asked Wout to design a floating sofa. It was a pleasant iterative process. After all those years it is inconceivable to be without Zofa. It brightens up the house and my mood. Each day, again and again'

Jan Boon, Amersfoort (2015)




Addition March 2017

The ‘Zofa’, designed in 2011, has been used to eat, work and party at. Basically, to live fully with. Encouraged by a new life, family and friends, the couch moved to Jan’s new appartment. Like new, with bolts and chemical anchors in concrete but without legs; magically adapting and floating again in its next surroundings.



(upholstery: designbekleding.nl)

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